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Quarantine: Self-Love Edition

We’ve made it through a full week of quarantine aka Social Distancing. Yayyyyy! The one thing I am thankful for is: Art. I have so much free time on my hands that I can create what I want when I didn't have the time (pre-social distancing).

This time alone has allowed me to reflect on what I wanted to accomplish when this year has started as well as reflect on things or projects I let go ( like this blog lol). Not to sound corny or nothing but this time alone should allow us all to reflect on our self-love.


Now is the time to be selfish. Start your blog. Learn how to do a new style. Deep condition your hair. All the shit you wanted to do for yourself but never had the time--well now we have nothing but time on our hands.

If you are looking for something fun to do besides the obvious like clean out your closet or go through your emails, here are some ideas to help you get through social distancing:

  1. Find a live DJ on facebook ( it sounds corny but it's funny reading the comments while you listen to some music)

  2. Facetime- I have never facetimed this much in my life---but it's fun. Facetime a friend you haven't seen in a while; create a virtual happy hour. We literally have nothing else to do

  3. Procreate- For only $10 (one-time fee) you too can be a visual artist. Doodling is fun. It is an easy way to forget about the scary times we are dealing with.

  4. Try a new hairstyle- For the first 3 days of the social distancing, I gave myself box braids. Never did it before, never had the time or patience. Well guess what....

  5. Try a new recipe- Don't waste all of your quarantine food but maybe do one real good experimentation with a Pinterest recipe, then challenge your friends on social media.

  6. Redecorate- Maybe you can rearrange furniture or hang up some spring time wall decor

  7. Read- Because reading is fundamental

  8. Yoga- Starting a new yoga challenge can keep your mind and body in a good positive space. You can find some challenges on Youtube, Pinterest, various apps or can start one with your friends.

What ideas do you have?

What creative ideas do you have to battle the social distancing?

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