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DISCLAIMER: The road to becoming a dentist is not easy no matter what anyone says.


Now that I've gotten that disclaimer out of the way- let's talk Endo. Endodontics-Root Canal Therapy, Pulpotomies, Capping (direct and indirect). There are a lot of treatment modalities one could use depending upon the diagnosis and prognosis of the tooth . But for dental student purposes-I'm pretty sure nationwide in the US, we all have to complete a root canal for graduation requirements. (If you don't, good for you lol).

We spent all D2 year learning about Endo-instruments, irrigations and injections and then D3 year (at my school) we had to complete 2 Clinical Endo Assisting, 2 Preclinical Endo Manikin procedures before we could even do a procedure on a live patient---so if you're a live patient reading this, I experimented on my man Frank first.


When it comes to requirements- endo is done on an anterior tooth and a posterior tooth (preferably a Molar tooth when it comes to posterior). However, given that molars comes with multiple roots, canals, accessory canals etc. it presents as a multirooted problem-which is why many dental students prefer not to perform molar endo. Why take on the headache if you don't have to right?

The Maxillary Central Incisor given its location, size and typically 99.95678% of the time single root is the obvious choice when it comes to which tooth would be relatively straight-forward when it comes to RCT. While this tooth is typically single rooted, you can still run into problems- For instance, if you don't perform the access opening correctly, inadequately debride the canals or fail to fully obturate the canals. I've created an infographic that can be useful with studying Endo for the MCI whether it be for clinics or exams.

Information was piled from various sources and is not in any way meant to replace whatever study materials or information was given from professors or actual endodontist.

If you want to have access to this infographic, you can download it via the link!

Maxillary Central Incisor RCT Infographic
Download PDF • 1.17MB

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