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These 4 Black-Owned Beauty Products will Change your life!

As we close out 2021 and march on to another year, you are probably thinking out with the old and in with the new. And if you aren't that's fine too--you can still make room for these 4 black-owned beauty and skincare brands in your stash!

Searching for new beauty and skincare products can often times present as a daunting task. With beauty products we are usually worried if it will be pigmented enough for our rich skin tones. In addition to make sure the pigmentation is right, it always helps to know that the products were handcrafted and tested on other black women. Keep reading for 4 beauty and skin care products that will change your life (well I hope---because I love them!!).


1. The Lip Bar

The good thing about social media is that you don't have to look far to find what you want! I heard the story about The Lip Bar while listening to one of my favorite podcast. My ears perked up when I realized she was a graduate of Florida A&M (Go Rattlers) and was launching her beauty brand in stores. The color featured is Know it All, which I currently have in my collection. You can order online or shop this brand at Target and Walmart.

2. DM Colorfix

If you are looking for bold colors and pigmentation, then DM ColorFix is what you need! The best thing about being interested in makeup, is going to the beauty stores to play in the makeup (not literally, and safely of course). While in Morphe one day, I told the artist that I wanted something that would make my eyes pop for a smoky eye---here enters DM ColorFix! When I first bought the Blackout color, I had no idea it was a black-owned brand. It wasn't until I went back and another artist recommended this brand to me again and mentioning that this product was indeed black-owned. Both the Goldmine and Blackout are exceptional products. If you're looking for highly pigmented eye wear then please check this brand out!


3. Jones & Rose Beauty

Are you looking for a nice summertime fragrance? This scent Pink Petals by Jones & Rose is an absolute must! Jones & Rose is black-owned beauty brand out of Jacksonville, Fl. Myself and a group of friends happen to stumble upon them one hot summer down in New Orleans during Essence Festival. Whenever I wear this fragrance I get a ton of compliments. (I've been wearing this fragrance since 2016). I recently purchased the Shea Butter to compliment the body gloss and I am so happy I did. Both come with enough product to last a while because a little bit goes an extra long way.

4. SaltXo

Are you a Saltbae? If not you could be! As stated before, with the help of social media, it's really not too hard to find what you're looking for. SaltXO has skincare products for all skin care types. There are products for women with Eczema, Acne and hyperpigmentation. One of her most popular products is the Yoni Gel-which usually (or at least used to) sell out right when the restocks launched. Saltbaes (women all over) would set alarms to order their products once the restocks launched and if you were lucky you would get your fav products. The Yoni Gel I believe is one of her best sellers. The citrus detox bar is good if you have hyperpigmentation or dark spots. It's mentioned on her site to consult with your doctor or take the proper precautions if you have sensitive skin. What's also cool about this owner, is her Instagram demonstrates how to properly use her Yoni bars and Yoni gels.



Whew.... that was a lot but these are all good products by women of color. I hope you get the chance to make space for some new black-owned beauty products. It's always good to support up and coming, small businesses and female ran businesses.

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