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How to Jazz up Your Travel Accessories in 2022

It may have been a while since you've been able to realllly travel---by reallllly I mean internationally. We've been in a pandemic for 2 years now but it seems as if for the moment, most borders are open to international visitors. I would double check with that country for entry requirements and see what the U.S. requires for re-entry. But once you've gotten all of the business out of the way, let the accessorizing begin!

One of the best things about traveling besides the actual act of traveling is getting new gear for your new adventure. What better way to look forward to a new destination than buying some new travel accessories for your trip. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or just dipping your toe into international travels, check out these following items to help prepare you for your trip!

1. Cute Graphic Tee

If you are the comfy traveler than this type of tee is for you! Let everyone know that you have a love of traveling whether it's new found or an old past time.

2. Unique Luggage Tags

How will your luggage stand out from others? Sure you could use a colorful bandana or yarn but who isn't using that these days! Add a unique identifier to your luggage by buying a luggage tag like the ones above or some similar! There are plenty luggage tags in the sea.

3. Passport Covers

Does your passport really need a cover? Nahh....But how cute are these options! Also having a cover allows you to keep other documentation in there like COVID-Vaccination Cards, Travel Attestation documents etc. Passport covers aren't just for the lady travelers--get the special man in your life a cover as well. Purchase your passport cover today!

4. Suitcase organizers

Organization is key when you're traveling abroad. This helps to cut down on misplacing items or forgetting items. Packing systems like this 6 piece organizer above are perfect for making sure you have enough space in your suitcase and you don't misplace items or leave items. It also helps if you are a heavy packer and if you need to free up weight without having to pay extra, you can take out one of the organizers and place it into your carryon!

5. Travel tote with a message

Ok this tote isn't just purely for travel. You could use this for grocery shopping if you chose. However, this would be a cute personal item tote, beach bag or snack bag for a road trip. Whatever your heart desires, this is without a doubt a cute tote with a message!


I hope you chose to jazz up your travel accessories! Whether it's one or all, why not travel in unique style!

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