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How To Decorate Your Apartment Living Room

Whether you've been living in your apartment for 1 year or 1 month it's always a good idea to decorate your space to make it your own. Where to begin with your decorating can be a daunting task-what room to start with? Where do I get inspiration? What color scheme to use? or Where should I shop? You've come to the right place.

While there is a massive blank canvas to begin with with your apartment, it's always a good idea to begin with your living room. This is where your guest will spend majority of their time and will notice a lot of change. This post will give you ideas on how to make your living room feel nice and cozy.

1. Choose a scheme

Before you begin decorating your apartment, create a mood board or brainstorm what type of feeling you want when you walk in your door. Do you want a maximalist feel? A chic boho vibe? Or very clean, airy and minimalist look? Check Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest for ideas. You could decide to a mixture of chic maximalist boho look. After all this is your apartment and you're just looking for ideas to help you get started.

2. Add a cute area rug to your living room floor.

Not only will an area rug brighten up your apartment, it will make your living room feel warm and inviting. Measure or estimate the area that you would like to cover and then choose your color scheme or design. You can use sites like Pinterest or even hashtags on Instagram to search the aesthetic that you're looking for.

3. Add greenery to your living room.

You may not be a plant momma, but believe it or not plants do add a lot of character to an apartment. If you are not good with keeping up with watering plants or you're a newbie to decorating, opt for easy Indoor Houseplants like Snakeplants which don't need to water often or Airplants. If you'd much rather go the faux route-there's nothing wrong with a fake plant either!

4. Decorate your coffee table

Your coffee table is not only for holding your remote or drinks, accent it like this user did with plants, showcase your intellectual side with books and puzzle. You can find a lot of accents for your coffee table at stores like TJMaxx, Marshalls, Homegoods or Amazon.

You can decide to use a theme like travel books or if you're into fashion, you can use designer book series with a specific color scheme.

5. Add art to your walls

Art has been a staple in society for centuries so it's only right that you add some form of art to your walls. Whether you're into minimalistic art, abstract art, line art, portrait art, there is some art for everyone. You can decide to purchase art prints from places like Etsy or brick and mortar stores or even choose to download digital images and blow them up to your specific sizes.


Hopefully you found this post helpful!


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