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Have a little Class-Kennedy Classifications

As you move into the Clinics- this is where you get to expand upon the knowledge gained during your didactic years. So pay attention and take good notes!


Kennedy Classifications

-With edentulous patients-they may come completely edentulous or partially edentulous. When you encounter the partially edentulous patient one or both arches may be involved and can be classified 4 different ways (not including modifications).

-Most dental schools have making RPD as a graduation requirement- and if you are a dental student whose weak area is Prosth-here is a small cheat sheet for aiding in classifying your patients to your professors. Further information can be found in your notes, Dentin, First Aid etc....pretty much anywhere.

Enjoy the free downloadable and printable PDF version of this infographic. If you found this infographic helpful-please let me know!

Kennedy Classifications (1)
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