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Just a scalin' and plannin'

The best part about dental school is the hands on work (well duhhh!). Except Fixed Pros lab work-that has to be my least favorite thing to do. But, in this edition of The Whole Tooth and nothing but the Tooth😂, we had the chance to scale on our Perio Typodonts. Scaling & Root Planning (SRP), is a periodontal procedure done to remove plaque and calculus from the crowns and roots of teeth.

What amazes me is how realistic these teeth are to a periodontal patient. From the look to the actual "plaque" that flakes off with scaling. Oddly, I found scaling a little therapeutic. Now, will I become a periodontist? Can't say for sure as I am interested in Pedo. However, I secretly enjoy our perio lectures and laboratory exercises, so maybe I should look into a Perio externship to completely rule it out.


How do you take your notes? Is it old school pen and paper? Laptop? Or with apps like Goodnotes and Notability?

I use a little bit of all the of the above, however Notability is my go to. I like Notability best for one simple reason: easy sketching. It's easy for me to quickly incorporate color and art into my notes. Now is this all necessary? Hell no. Lol. But who wants boring, mundane notes? Not me. And a lot of times professors will sketch or draw stuff out themselves to better explain topics, which I appreciate.

It's also easy to add topics to old notes, erase what wasn't relevant and record the notes as the professor is lecturing. This tip is mostly for those who had been out of school for a while like myself before returning to school. Hate to sound old (because I am not lol), butttt back in my day it was an assortment of 5-Star Subject notebooks, pens and highlighters that we used because the Ipad didn't exist🤦‍♀️.

I do still like notebooks because I have an obsession with cute notebooks, so it's not bad if you prefer both or old school over the digital route.

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