Originally from New Orleans (hence, Fleur De) , I am currently residing in Nashville, TN with all of the other struggling artist of the south. Dental Student by day, Freelance Artist and Hustler by night-this site is my small corner dedicated to the struggles of cavity preparation and figuring out the correct facial dimensions for my character illustrations.

I've always loved art (theater, music, visual and writing) ever since I was young. As a child, you could find me reading, sketching cartoons as I set in front of the tv, or writing short stories just for the hell of it. I've always had a wild imagination. About 2 years ago, I decided to revisit my love for art and began to teach myself how to draw figures. People actually liked my art and suggested I started selling it---in comes Hustler by night.

Today, I own my own Etsy Store, Fleur De Tiff, where I sell planner covers, stickers and mugs displaying my illustrations. I had no idea a passion and talent of mine could become bigger than basic figures but I'm thankful God allowed me to develop this talent. As a second year dental student, life as I know it has been pretty stressful. However, art is what keeps me sane-it is my therapy.

  • If you are another creative-welcome! Please reach out to me as I am looking to expand my creative network.

  • If you are a customer looking for a freelance artist- look around, enjoy and email if you have any questions/would like to book a custom logo service.

  • If you are a dental student--check out my blog for peek at my journey.

All others---you're welcomed too!!! Look around, share and most of all this is a positive vibes only corner.

Fleur De Tiff

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Student. Artist. Entrepreneur.